IGNOU PGDGM - Post-Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine

This duration of this programme is of one-year and credit points is 32. Presently, there are 21 study centres for this programme. 

The aim of Post-Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine is to provide skills and knowledge to the doctors who are still practising with the ideas of Medicines that are Geriatric and deal with the old people problems as well as provide proper care to the elderly peoples.

The fundamental objective of this programme is to:

1. Enhance skills, knowledge and proficiency to provide extensive care to old people.

2. Upgrade the skills like clinical, communication and social by participating in training held in colleges of medical science as well as hospitals.

IGNOU PGDGM (Post-Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine) is available in 14 study centers.

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