IGNOU MBA - Master of Business Administration

MBA is not only a degree program but an entire system comprising of subject matters that drive the world today. This prestigious program covers every aspect of study that is required to not only launch and run a successful business but also working under general employment. An MBA from a reputable institute on a CV is an attention grabber and certainly increases chances of being called for an interview. No wonder a lot of people seriously consider taking MBA even after mastering a certain subject because of its versatility and benefits.

What if I can’t afford regular MBA?

If you’re willing to learn and stay dedicated, it isn’t really mandatory to head to a class every morning and take classes. Distance learning provides the same experience as a regular class would but with added advantages, some of which are flexible study times, saving on time and energy, travel costs and lesser fees as compared to regular programs. Plus, open or online universities use electronic media as a means of teaching so you’re not going to fall behind in any way. All it takes is the will and determination to grasp knowledge and one day, use it to pursue a dream career.

Still, why should I go for MBA?

Because it does not limit a person to a particular field of study. It’s like one big book with different stories. It grooms a person mentally and prepares one for the challenges one will face while trying to land that dream job. MBA is not only for aspiring professionals but also for the experienced who want to enhance their academic portfolio learn skills to help develop their career.

For example, beginning with Management, students learn to develop a mindset which helps them organize work, time, schedules and projects etc. For those interested in the numbers game, specialization is Finance is ideal. But financial studies will not only lead to a banking as most people perceive. The financial world is as big as one can imagine with various working methods and employment opportunities according to one's learning abilities. Human Resource Management takes one into the complex world of recruitment and hiring and what it takes to get cream of the crop. Marketing is for those with more of a creative streak and extrovert nature. Because this specific field is one of the most competitive out there and requires not only a strong imagination but proper focus and strategic understanding. And for those in love with technology, Information Systems deals with learning and usage of different computer languages and database management systems. Its importance cannot be ignored as the world advances technologically.

Furthermore, it is the first step for people wanting to launch a personal business. To manage a company is no child’s play and one needs to study and have a clear understanding of the how to’s of running and operating a business and turn the invested funds into profit. A manager needs to have keen knowledge about every aspect of business and an MBA program teaches just that. Also, the program is designed to groom a personality from a 360 ° angle as it helps develop communication levels and confidence.

IGNOU, an ideal source for an online MBA program

The Indira Gandhi National Open University as it is one of the top institutions in India catering to the educational needs of more than 3 million students within India and abroad with 2,667 learning support centers and academic partnership with 29 overseas institutions. The university operates through 21 schools of studies across a network of 67 regional centers. IGNOU has kept to its promise of providing quality teaching, research, training and extension activities and reaching out to youngsters and professionals who are deprived of acquiring formal education due to lack of funds or other issues. Through its academic services, the university has earned a solid reputation over the years and today, is amongst establishments with the highest number of students enrolled.

Program eligibility and requirements

To be eligible to enroll for the notable IGNOU MBA, one needs to acquire minimum 50% marks in any field of study for the general category and 45% for the reserved category with an additional requirement of managerial, supervision or professional experience.

For those already holding a professional degree in fields such as Medical Science, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Works Accountancy or Chartered Secretary-ship and Law, only 50% marks are needed.

Every applicant must pass the IGNOU MBA OPENMAT entrance test to be eligible for admission. The test comprises of four sections, Mathematics or Quant (50 questions), English (50 questions), Reasoning (70 questions) and General Awareness (30 questions). Applicants have a total of 180 minutes to solve the exam paper. Although there are no particular books dedicated to test preparation but the Openmat Management Entrance Guide (priced INR 440) is ideal for preparation and can be ordered online from amazon.

Students willing to enroll in IGNOU MBA program from countries outside of India will need to acquire a valid student visa. Additionally, a clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs/Human Resource Development Ministry is required. This process will be fulfilled by the International Division of IGNOU. Details on fee for foreign students is available on the IGNOU official website.

Duration and other important details

The IGNOU MBA is a 2.5 year program and at max can be completed within a duration of 8 years. All subjects are taught in English language and there are no age restrictions for enrollment. The program comprises of 21 courses in total and fees for the entire program is INR 31,500 at each course costing INR 1500.

● Diploma in Management (DIM) comprises of 3 compulsory courses with a choice of 2 electives from a total of 4.

● The PG and Advance Diploma (PGDIM) consists of 11 courses in total.

● PGSDMs allows selection of 5 courses for specialization from the relevant fields.

● The integrative module consists of 5 courses in total out of which two are compulsory, one elective and a project which equals to two courses.

Students have the choice to specialize in the disciplines Financial Management, Financial Markets Practice, Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management.


Various teaching methodologies for optimum learning experience

State of the art technological methods are followed to conduct IGNOU MBA sessions, ensuring students get the best of knowledge through various forms of media and communication.

● Teleconferencing is available at the regional center and select study centers, allowing a one-way video and two-way audio conversation between students and teaching experts. Sessions are held every month. Students will be informed about schedules from the program In-charge and the regional director. Sessions are held on the Gyan Darshan channel. Students are strongly advised to attend these sessions as they will have a chance to put up questions and interact with fellow learners.

● Radio counselling is a free method through which students can get answers to questions via FM, by calling on a toll free number provided on the IGNOU website.

● Lessons are also telecast on DD Metro channel for which students will be informed in advance.

● Audio and Video cassettes for viewing and listening to lessons are available at all study centers, which can be rented by students for self-study at home.

● Students will be asked to fulfill various assignments relevant to their field of study which will consist of long and short form questions, objectives, multiple choice questions and case studies. Each assignment will comprise of 100 marks and students will need to secure 50% passing marks in each. Assignments count for 30% of the final examination result.

End of Term Examinations

As the semester ends, final examinations are conducted twice a year in the months of June and December. Final exams count for 70% of marks and students must complete all required coursework and academic assignments to qualify for attendance of the final exam. In case, a student fails at a certain subject, the exam for the same can be retaken in the upcoming end of term, within the allowed duration for the program.

Accreditation and Recognition

IGNOU holds recognition of a Central University by the University Grants Commission of India and the Association of Indian Universities. The IGNOU MBA and MCA are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education. IGNOU is also an accreditor for distance learning education systems and open universities for which it has been authorized by the Distance Education Council of India.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers the best educational platform for students who are looking for an affordable, well-structured, modern day educational system. The IGNOU MBA is the answer to concerns regarding a recognized, globally accepted program which not only benefits freshers but also working professionals. To cope with the hurdles and challenges of the modern age, one not only needs to be competitive but also equipped with knowledge and abilities that separate one from the crowd. IGNOU not only produces graduates but intelligent and confident individuals ready to take on professional demands of today’s society.

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