IGNOU MAPY - Master of Arts (Philosophy)

This programme provides the facility of distance learning and helps in boosting up the prospects related to the career as well as focuses on training the mind of the students so that they can have better thinking, investigation and synthesis ability, a reflection of realities related to social and political.

There are different components of this programme, namely,

1. Elective Course.

2. Compulsory Course.

Students have the facility to choose electives, in the first year they can choose six electives and in the second year also six electives.

All total 64 credit points are required, to complete this course.

Also, this course is provided in the English language, but students have the option to write their exam in Hindi.


IGNOU MAPY (Master of Arts (Philosophy)) is available in 90 study centers.

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MAPY Semester 1

MAPY Semester 2