IGNOU ACPDM - Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

The Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM) has been designed in association with the Ministers that deals professionals related to Powers especially hired for electrical power utilities or sector of electricity so that their skills can be upgraded, and explain that the quality power is delivered by the system viable for distribution of electricity to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

This programme deals with the general concerns and problems faced in the electricity distribution sector. It aims to prepare the members belonging to companies of power distribution, administrator as well as engineers and personnel of managerial commisions belonging to different states as well as other interested trainee of electricity/utilities region. The good practices are exchanged between the team member or stakeholders in the power management. This specially designed programme provides opportunity of capacity building in power sector. 

This programme mainly focusses on: to generate awareness related to the practice of technologies that are rising as well as trends in the sector and to disseminate information of the reforms and current development in the power distribution sector and educate the personnel employed in the power sector or candidates about the various aspects of power distribution management who aspires to work in electrical industry.

IGNOU ACPDM (Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management) is available in 22 study centers.

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