IGNOU ACISE - Advanced Certificate in Information Security

This Advanced Certificate in Information Security (ACISE) has been developed to train the youth to experiment as well as learn the techniques required to provide protection and secure our information present in the virtual environment so that the learners can become responsible as well as smart. This course provides an exit option of Certificate in Information Security (CISE) after successully completing the first three courses with 12 credits. This programme stressed and emphasized on User’s Security Awareness and Needs.

This course helps us to secure one's own computer, data, connectivity, and also makes your browsing experience secure like E-mail, Internet Application, Internet Transaction, Web servers/services etc. There are rules provided by the Indian Government for the IT Security. It also provides protection to the mobile world. This course provides the facility of investigating and analysing techniques to gather and preserve evidence by Cyber Forensics.

This programme is useful for the matter related to Authetication, Privacy, Protection, Confidentiality, and Security issues such as Identification.    

IGNOU ACISE (Advanced Certificate in Information Security) is available in 27 study centers.

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