IGNOU MES-112 Solved Assignments, Study Material, Question Papers

IGNOU MES-112 course name is Design and Development of Self-Learning Print Materials.

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IGNOU MES-112 Previous Years Question Papers

In order to succeed at giving the term end examination for MES-112 course, it is very important for the students to go through previous years question paper to know more about the topic "Design and Development of Self-Learning Print Materials" and understand the type and pattern of questions that usually come up in the exams.

We would advise you to go through at least last couple years of question papers.

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IGNOU Programs with MES-112

Following is the list of all IGNOU programs and their respective semesters & credits that have MES-112 course.

Program Semester Credits
MAEDU - Master of Arts(Education) Semester 2 4 credits