Study Center Code: 1210


Co-ordinator: Dr. Shameem Ahmad Dar

Regional Center: IGNOU Srinagar

Regional Centre Code: 30

Programs available at Government Degree College IGNOU Study Center

Program Code Program Name
BCOM Bachelor of Commerce
BA Bachelor of Arts
BPP Bachelor Preparatory Programme
BSC Bachelor of Science
PGJMC Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
MHD Master of Arts (Hindi)
MPS Master of Arts (Political Science)
MSO Master of Arts (Sociology)
MAH Master of Arts (History)
MPA Master of Arts (Public Administration)
MEG Master of Arts (English)
MEC Master of Arts (Economics)
MAPC MA in Psychology
MAPY Master of Arts (Philosophy)
MCOM Master of Commerce
PGDDM Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
DTS Diploma in Tourism Studies
BTS Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies)
CIG Certificate in Guidance
CRD Certificate Programme in Rural Development
CTE Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language
CHR Certificate in Human Rights
MADE MA (Distance Education)
CTS Certificate in Tourism Studies
DCE Diploma in Creative Writing in English
DECE Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
DNHE Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
MARD Master of Arts (Rural Development)
MTM None
PGDESD Post-Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development
PGDIBO Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations
PGDRD Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
CNCC Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
CNM Certificate in NGO Management
PGDT PG Diploma in Translation
MTTM Master of Tourism & Travel Management
CAFE Certificate in HIV and Family Education
CES Certificate in Environmental Studies
CDM Certificate in Disaster Management
CBS Certificate in Business Skills
MAEDU Master of Arts(Education)
DWED Diploma in Women’s Empowerment and Development
CFE Certificate Programme in Functional English (Basic level)
CPLT Certificate Programme in Laboratory Techniques
MSW Master of Social Work
DAFE Diploma in HIV and Family Education
PGDHE Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education
PGDSW Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work
DCYP Diploma in Youth in Development Work (Abeyance)
PGDIPR Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
CUL Certificate in Urdu Language
DUL Diploma in Urdu
CFS Certificate in Food Safety
PGDMRR Post-Graduate Diploma in Participatory Management of Displacement Resettlement and Rehabilitation
CAL Certificate in Arabic Language
MAPD MA in Participatory Development